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05 February 2011

English Report

ni keje sekolah aku larh punya pasal..

mari kita same2 dok selesai yer!

Many of students in school are not interested in reading.You have conducted a survey on the reasons for their lack of interest. Based on your findings, write a report to the school principal regarding the matter.

Give reasons for the lack of interest and provide suggestion..

Reasons :
-Students feel that watching television and playing computer games are more fun.
- Parents fail to inculeate the reading habit from young.
-Books are expansive, libraries far away.

Suggestions :
- Parents must read to their children from young.
-Encourage good speakers to review book and talk to student.
- Parent must buy books as a gift allow children to choose books place more emphasis on the joy of reading.
- Stress the benefits of the reading ; widen horizons , make children be more broad-minded.
- School must encourage reading.(have competitions ; buy new or latest books for the library)

*when writting the report, you must :
- Address the report to the principal.
- Provide a title.
- Include your name.
- Use all the points.


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